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Buy Bitcoins from Gift Cards

You may have lots of gift cards unused with you. Maybe you haven’t found anything to buy using those cards or maybe, later on, you’ll use it to pay for the stuff you actually want. But now you can find a beneficial way to use those cards. Explore more about Bitcoin from Gift Cards | Coin Baazar

Coin Baazar

How to Spend those Gift Cards

Some of the most common gift cards used are eBay, Walmart, MasterCard, Amazon.

Once you find a gift card or you can purchase it from a local store near you, you’ll want to head over to a trusted Bitcoin Exchange Website that accepts gifts cards, such as Coin Baazar, Paxful and more.

When you find a trusted seller with the price, instructions, and conditions that are agreeable or you can agree on, then follow these simple steps:

After you reach out to the seller, they will ask you to send a clear photo of your gift card, as it is important to show the amount and gift card code. So it is advised to send the entire clear photo showing back and front of your card. Some Sellers can also ask to send the photo of the receipt for additional security purpose, so you can send a clear photo of that as well.

Once all the procedure is done, just wait for them to verify and release your bitcoins. By this, you can turn your gift cards to BITCOINS.


The reason why most people prefer gift cards to buy bitcoins, as it is the most convenient and cheapest ways to get bitcoins. With gift cards, you do not need to use a bank account and it’s not too complicated, so anyone can do it. You can remain unknown, there are a lot of sellers and the overall trading process is really very fast and secure, as long as you use the right website to buy Bitcoin from Gift Cards | Coin Baazar.


Not only gift cards made it easy to buy bitcoins, but it can also work vice-versa. If you have extra bitcoin to spend, then the peer-to-peer marketplace is a good way to do so.

Trading bitcoins to gift cards :-

Bitcoin has shown how it can be beneficial to individuals. For bitcoin, PROFIT seems to be it’s to be the topmost prioritized thing. Now, The question arises that how can be gift cards play an important role in making a profit?

  1. Persistent Trading: Now, let us understand it through an example, that how can you take advantage of gift cards in business. As you know Paxful is one the biggest peer-to-peer marketplace and they specialize in gift cards. Now let us assume you have any random gift card. You can convert your gift card to bitcoin using Paxful. From, here you have a couple of options, either you can trade it again for bitcoins, looking for a great deal from which you can get more coins or you can swap it into a popular gift card and then trade it again.
  2. Convert it into Cash: On peer-to-peer platforms, there are several ways to convert your bitcoins into cash. ‘Cash-in-Person’ is a payment method available in most peer to peer platforms. This payment method allows you to meet someone nearby and convert your bitcoins into cash.

Things to Avoid While Trading Gift Cards :-

  1. If you signed up for a cryptocurrency exchange without knowing how does it works, you’ll regret it later.
  2. Find a trusted site and do some research for the same site as reading reviews.

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