The QMALL Crypto Exchange Will Open Europe’s Largest Launchpad and Add Euro Trading Pairs

The QMALL Crypto Exchange Will Open Europe’s Largest Launchpad and Add Euro Trading Pairs

QMALL is still thriving strong, and it recently surprised its users with the news that it will soon be granted a licence throughout Europe.

With over 100k users, the exchange founded by Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa in 2021 has already established itself as a major exchange worldwide.

QMALL will move to Sophia Antipolis, the French equivalent of Silicon Valley, by the end of March, where it will establish the largest Launchpad for European enterprises.

Launchpad are platforms for launching bitcoin initiatives, and they’ve recently become quite popular in the crypto world. Investors can possibly make a lot of money by purchasing the project’s digital assets early on. Because earnings have no actual limit in this field, when a project is truly successful, investors watch their initial investment multiply by a factor of a hundred.

Every week, according to the QMALL team, new initiatives will be launched through this Launchpad. This procedure will effectively support startup and business development because, for the first time, people will have enough opportunities to get started rather than being locked in a cycle of “apply but there aren’t enough spots.”

The Launchpad is sure to bring along a lot of possibilities for growth and open doors for people in need; it’s the key that many couldn’t afford before but can now finally grasp. Furthermore, as QMALL will be granted a European licence and relocate to France, the team has announced the establishment of a trading pair with the euro. Given how many things are set to fall into place in the near future, it’s realistic to expect that the price of the QMALL Token will rise significantly.

QMALL and the Products It Offers

QMALL develops cutting-edge products that make paying and accounting for cash and non-monetary payments simple and straightforward. QMALL has risen to the top and is now the first in its sector, thanks to its features and unique concepts. Millions of people utilize the exchange because of how convenient and reliable its products are. QMALL aspires to be the first cryptocurrency exchange to build a metaverse of its own. The digital world knows no bounds, and the metaverse blends in seamlessly with digital assets, doesn’t it?

The Advantages of QMALL

Low fees: the exact amount varies depending on a variety of circumstances, including the trading pair, transaction volume, and so on, and ranges from 0 to 0.5 percent. Commissions for deposits and withdrawals might range from 0% to 2% depending on the currency.

Security: QMALL employs automatic DDoS protection, maintains daily backups, and requires clients to use two-factor authentication (2FA) as a security requirement. Furthermore, 98 percent of the funds are stored in a “cold wallets” . To put it another way, QMALL keeps its customers’ assets offline.

Modern trading tools: QMALL not only provides a comprehensive set of tools for experienced traders, such as advanced charts, but it is also precisely tailored to the needs of beginners, optimising convenience, simplicity, and clarity.

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