Top 7 bitcoin payment gateways for merchants

Top 7 Bitcoin Payment Gateways For Merchants in 2022.

Top 7 Bitcoin Payment Gateways For Merchants in 2022

What are the benefits of using bitcoin payment channels for sellers? The solution is straightforward. Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, have been operational for far too long to be ignored. According to Statista, bitcoin’s market value accounted for 53% of all cryptocurrency market capitalisation in 2019. Bitcoin payments accounted for 3% of global preferred payment methods in 2017, according to the same authority. And, while it may appear to be a small amount, the fact that bitcoin has made it to the top of the list speaks much.

As a result, sectors such as gambling, gaming, dating, and others prefer to accept bitcoin over traditional payment options. Many merchants (eCommerce, electronics, etc.) include this currency on the checkout page as well. On the list are Microsoft, Expedia, Newegg, and other retailers. What makes you think you’d be able to join them? It is done by looking for bitcoin merchant services.

We’ll show you how to choose a bitcoin payment processor in this article. Fortunately, an increasing number of payment gateway providers are allowing merchants to accept bitcoin. Seven bitcoin merchant service providers will be discussed. Examine their features to determine which the best option for you is.

In 2022, the top seven bitcoin payment gateways are:

1. NOWPayments

This non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway accepts more than 140 different coins. NOWPayments supports auto coin conversion, so it doesn’t matter which cryptocurrency clients use to pay because merchants may accept the coins they preferโ€”NOWPayments converts them.

NOWPayments’ partners can take advantage of a variety of services, like crypto donations (including a Twitch button), a Mass Payouts solution, a tailored Casino solution, fiat conversion, a point-of-sale link, a subscription function, and more.

NOWPayments offers a number of tools for merchants, including an API, invoices, a donation widget, buttons, and links, as well as plugins for WooCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop, Opencart, WHMCS, Magento 2, Shopify, and other platforms.

2. Ikajo International

Bitcoin merchant services

Ikajo is a global payment processor that serves the demands of both low-risk and high-risk organizations. Since 2003, it has aided businesses from all over the world. Bitcoin is unique among the different payment options available. Ikajo acknowledges the relevance of this payment method because it works with online dating, gambling, and gaming merchants. Ikajo also protects vendors with its own fraud and chargeback protection software.

Ikajo offers global coverage for this payment option. This aids in attracting a larger audience while also retaining the current one. The business must integrate via the Hosted Payment Page or a customized widget to use this payment option. When it comes to settlements,

Ikajo accepts cryptocurrencies or Swift as a form of payment. Merchants have the option of receiving funds in EUR or cryptocurrency.

3. Bitpay

Bitcoin merchant services

This payment service company is at the cutting edge of this technology. It first opened its doors in 2011. Bitcoin had just recently begun to fascinate the thoughts of advanced users at the time. Despite this, the Bitpay team recognised the cryptocurrency’s promise. They were correct. Accepting bitcoins became increasingly necessary, and Bitpay was one of the first companies to do so.

Bitpay enables merchants to meet global demands and reach a worldwide audience. It also safeguards its merchants from any form of fraud. The merchant can accept bitcoin on its website thanks to this payment processor. The specified payment button and the hosted payment page are given to the vendor. Bitpay accepts payments using FPS, SEPA, ACH, and other types of bank transfers. EUR, USD, GBP, and other currencies are accepted for settlement.

4. PaySpacelv

Bitcoin payment processor

PaySpacelv is a payment processing company that specializes in high-risk transactions. PaySpacelv has experience in bitcoin since this business type chooses to accept payments in bitcoin. PaySpacelv provides state-of-the-art fraud prevention software to help merchants. And modern analytics helps to learn client behavior and patterns better.

PaySpacelv is a payment processor that gives its merchants international reach. The funds can be settled in either cryptocurrencies or euros. The payment is made using Swift or a cryptocurrency payout. Merchants can use HPP to integrate the gateway.

5. CoinGate

Payment gateway

CoinGate is a bitcoin merchant service that provides a cryptocurrency payment gateway. The organization assists in the creation of a customer-focused checkout environment that makes bitcoin payment simple. Since 2014, the company has been in operation. CoinGate is a platform that enables merchants and customers all over the world to accept and use bitcoin payments.

PaySpacelv has competence in bitcoin and prefers to accept payments in bitcoin. PaySpacelv provides state-of-the-art fraud prevention software to help merchants. Furthermore, modern analytics aids in the better understanding of client behavior and patterns.

With CoinGate, accepting bitcoin is simple. Merchants can use an API or an eCommerce plugin to integrate the gateway. A bitcoin-branded payment button is also available on CoinGate. The vendors can accept bitcoin, EUR, USD, or USDT as payment. The funds can be withdrawn in bitcoin or SEPA (to receive EUR).

6. Coinbase

payment gateway

Coinbase is a well-known bitcoin exchange around the world. Since 2012, it has aided customers from all around the world. It not only allows users to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, but it also acts as a payment channel for businesses. It’s offered through Coinbase Commerce, the company’s service. It allows merchants to take payments without the use of a third party. They’re also quick and secure.

Coinbase guarantees that merchants may access a worldwide audience. The payment can be integrated using the hosted payment page. Indeed, eCommerce plugins like as WooCommerce, Shopify, and others are available to merchants. The payment button can be customized by the merchant. Only cryptocurrency can be used to make a withdrawal. merchants’ entry point It’s offered through Coinbase Commerce, the company’s service. It allows merchants to take payments without the use of a third party. They’re also quick and secure.

7. GoCoin

bitcoin payment processor

Another bitcoin payment service provider to consider is GoCoin. It has been in operation since 2013. They provide a safe and efficient global payment gateway. The company believes that blockchain commerce has a bright future. As a result, it gladly helps shops accept a range of cryptocurrencies. GoCoin is used in a wide range of businesses, including travel, hosting, gaming, and so on.

To keep the merchant’s funds safe, GoCoin provides transactional risk protection. The payment gateway can be integrated using HPP by website owners. Thus, plugins for the platform like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, are available as well. Merchants a range of features when it comes to the dashboard.


It’s up to you to decide which of these bitcoin merchant services to use after comparing them. The most important argument we want to make is bitcoin’s benefits. Unlike other payment options, it cannot be reversed. This eliminates the possibility of a chargeback. Furthermore, bitcoin has the potential to reach a truly global audience. In comparison to other ways, bitcoin processing fees are frequently lower.

Ikajo is here to assist you if you decide to accept bitcoin payments from your consumers. We’d like to share our ten years of payment processing experience with you. Please feel free to contact the merchant with any queries or to complete the merchant’s form right immediately. We’re excited to have you aboard!

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