Who Accepts Bitcoin?

Who accepts bitcoin? bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency system that works without any central bank or administration. The peer-to-peer network enables the transactions to take place directly, without any intermediate. When it was first introduced in 2009 people weren’t sure whether to accept it or not but as time passes. Bitcoin is taking over as the most common and well-known form of digital currency. Massive corporations are investing money in bitcoin and experts are dubbing it in the future of finance. Let’s start to discuss the reasons for the popularity of bitcoin:

  • The number of companies that accept bitcoins constantly growing. The number of people is learning about the advantages of the virtual currency, the more companies choose to accept bitcoin.
  • Unless you want, there is no need to reveal your real identity when buying with bitcoin. Some purchases should remain discreet and bitcoin can guarantee that.
  • Using bitcoin is an easy and quick payment method as there is no bank or third-party is involved.
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Now let us begin with the who accepts the bitcoin:

  1. FOOD: In Canada, KFC is accepting bitcoins, so in case if you are feeling hungry and not in the mood for paying cash or running out of it you can use your bitcoins. Comin to more local outlets, Pembury tavern which is a famous pub in London, also accepts bitcoins and so the Pink cow which is aย  pub in Australia and diner in Tokyo. Pizzaforcoins.com is a service that lets you order pizza online, these services are into bitcoin payment. Whole food, is a store that deals in organic food while BitcoinCoffee.com is an online portal designed to let users order and customize their coffees. Both of these services making use of bitcoins for accepting payments.
  2. TRAVEL AND BOOKING SERVICES: Virgin galactic is a parent company that includes virgin mobile and virgin airline corporations. Now virgin galactic is also one of the organizations to accept bitcoin payment making your travel costa and phone bills much easier and convenient. CheapAir.com and Expedia.com, both are travel booking websites, will also let you make your payments in bitcoins making your air travel and travel accommodation much simpler than before. Bitcoin. travel comes on this list too, it is a travel website which will allow you to book accommodation, bars or even beauty salons anywhere in the world.
  3. E-COMMERCE: Overstock.com is basically selling big-ticket products which will you normally find at some really expensive rates at much more affordable and cheaper prices. The only reason why they are able to do this is that they tend to overstock on stuff. If you need to buy any of their overstocked stuff, simply use your bitcoins. Gyft is an online portal that lets you buy gifts for your loved ones, and the best part is they accept bitcoins means you no longer have to shell out on the large amounts of cash to gift your loved ones. Also, Newegg.com is an online portal that lets you buy online electronic gadgets and equipment and the website also allows bitcoin payments to be made. On the other hand, Fancy.com is an online portal for all things fashionable and to discover new and amazing stuff that is worthy of being bought and it allows bitcoin payments to be made. Shopjoy is an online retailer based out of Australia that deals in novelty gifting while Lv.net is an LA-based internet services company, both of these are ready to accept bitcoin as payment. Rakuten, which is basically the Japanese version of Amazon and happens to an e-commerce giant also accepts bitcoin.
  4. WEBSITES, BOOKS, AND MAGAZINES: If you are a Microsoft user than you are glad to know that it accepts bitcoin payments on their Xbox and Windows store platforms. Reddit, which is a microblogging website the same as twitter, but with much more focused and dedicated following. It also accepts payments in bitcoin in case a user is interested in accessing premium features on the website. Wikipedia is hugely popular and everyone knows it too. But did you know that the online encyclopedia will easily accept bitcoins if you want to sign up for a service? 4Chang.org is also a microblogging website that will readily accept bitcoin to gain access to their premium feature while EZTV, an online TV show provider using torrents, will do the same. SEOclerks.com, as the name suggests will also let you easily build your website following by boosting your SEO ratings, also accepts bitcoin payments. Bloomberg.com is an online newspaper along with HumbleBundle.com which is an indie gaming website accepts bitcoin payments. ExpressVPN.com is an online VPN service that provides high speed and secures virtual private networks for users wishing to maintain their anonymity while on the internet.

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