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You’re not simply receiving a better deal than anywhere else when you sell Wayfair gift cards to Checkout Saver. You’re saving money for someone else while also supporting a small business. We provide the most competitive rates, the lowest fees, and the greatest customer service. Thank you for supporting the platform of the people.

Check the Account Balance

Your Gift Card from Wayfair

Check the balance of your Wayfair gift card using the Wayfair balance checker, and then sell it on Checkout Saver!

Balance Checker on the Internet

Options for Payment

Withdrawal from PayPal

Pay with a Check

Options for Gift Cards

Bitcoin (Coming Soon)

When can I expect to be paid?

When your card is sold, we pay you right away. In most cases, cards are processed in less than 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seller’s commissions?

Other than what’s stated up front, there are no seller costs – just submit your card information and we’ll figure out how much you’ll make. That’s all there is to it; there are no additional charges. We routinely pay the industry’s highest rate of 85 per cent!

Is it legal for me to offer actual gift cards?

All gift cards must be e-gift cards or have an online-useable code. Checkout Saver currently only works online and does not accept gift cards that can only be used in stores.

Can I use PayPal to sell Wayfair gift cards?

Yes, you can sell Wayfair gift cards and receive money through PayPal. We also provide additional withdrawal methods, such as selling your gift card and receiving a cheque or another gift card.

When can I expect to be paid?

The funds from your gift card transaction will be deposited into your account as soon as the card is sold to a consumer. Because we’re a small business with a small following, this may take some time; please expect to have your card posted for a while before it sells.

Are there any fees associated with withdrawals?

No! Checkout Saver does not take advantage of its clients; we cover all fees when you withdraw your hard-earned money. We’ve got you covered!

Is it possible to exchange Wayfair gift cards for Bitcoin?

Almost! We’ll be introducing selling gift cards for cryptocurrencies very soon, but in the meanwhile, please help us out by listing your cards and getting paid through PayPal.

Why should I use Checkout Saver to sell gift cards?

We’re awesome because you’re awesome, and we’re awesome because you’re awesome. Every card you list makes a significant impact to a small business, and our pricing and customer service are among the finest in the industry. Please give us an opportunity to help you save money.

What is the time frame for selling my gift card?

The length of time can range from a few hours to several weeks. Because Checkout Saver is a tiny company, it will take some time before a customer buys your card and pays you.

Checkout Saver Information

Checkout Saver is a tiny business in the United States with a vision of saving billions of dollars for millions of customers. It’s currently a very small company that relies on your help to stay afloat and develop. In exchange, we’ll save you more money than you ever imagined. When you sell your gift cards to us, you’ll get a flat 85 per cent for the card, when most other companies would take that much in fees before even listing the card at a discount!

At Checkout Saver, selling and buying gift cards is a unique experience. We have a zero-tolerance policy for fraud, and our patent-pending system actually prevents various sorts of fraud. Every card we buy and sell is put through rigorous testing to ensure that both vendors and buyers are treated fairly. We’re growing and adding more stores all the time, so let us know if there’s one you’d like to see added!

All gift cards purchased and sold come with a three-year warranty. We want to make sure you have a positive experience with Checkout Saver, so we’ll treat you fairly. Sellers have trust in putting their cards on this site because it pays them top money for them and allows them to accept cash instead of being forced to purchase at the business.

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