My Daughter, On The Occasion of Fatherโ€™s Day

Bitcoin Was Wrong “Dear Daughter… Don’t just follow my advice; do your own study and learn about Bitcoin’s fundamentals.

Will Schoellkopf, the author of “The Bitcoin Dog” and a soon-to-be father, has written an opinion editorial on the subject.

When I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, I was a UCLA computer science student. The Mt. Gox exchange collapse showed exactly how crucial it is to have self-custody of your bitcoin for those who were sceptical of this new magic internet money. When simple cold storage hardware wallet options weren’t readily accessible at the time, I gave up and decided that learning more about Bitcoin wasn’t worth the effort.

Was I off base?

My heart is already filled with your love, even though you have yet to be born. As I think about this Father’s Day, which will be my first as a father-to-be, I can already see you in my arms. My nose nudges your nose while you’re rocked from side to side in your floppy-eared helmet and onesie.

How can I know who my father’s daughter is? “In your ear, I whisper. “Yes, you are!” A glimmer of joy fills my eyes. When I see you struggling to put your hand out and grab my nose, I can’t help but smile. You’re barely holding on with your stubby little fingertips.

The world I envision for you is one where cold storage hardware wallet solutions are readily available as I sit in our rocking chair, the one in which we will rock back and forth, with you in my arms. I ponder the hopes and desires you have for yourself. You can have it all, but I don’t want to give it to you-not too readily, at least. The best isn’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter.

As your father, I intend to mould you into a young lady who puts in the time and effort necessary to achieve her goals. I want you to be the one in charge of your own life’s course. in order to be able to succeed. An adventure that is so exhilarating that you are willing to put your life on the line for the sake of your desires without a second thought. In reality, you lack the financial resources to do so.

Your job options (as well as those of most young men and women in our society) are constrained by inflation, even though I wish you could be born free. As inflation continues to rise, I fear that you will deliberately limit yourself in order to avoid the kinds of self-expression that reflect the fire of your inner spirit. This will limit your ability to grow as a creative person. You might have to give up your love of being cruel if you want to get a high-paying job that will help you get out of the grip of inflation..

This is fixed by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the key to unlocking the prison door so that you can leave peacefully. Inflation can’t eat away at your piggy bank, but you may stack sats and they can’t be inflated out of existence. No matter what your dreams are, you can follow them and save money at the same time.

It’s time for you to grow up and become your own person, my dearest daughter. You have the option of fluttering like a butterfly or stinging like a bee. As long as you use fiat money, you’ll have to deal with inflationary pressures because it’s a unit of account managed by a central bank. However, you will not be restricted if you want to use the Bitcoin standard. With Bitcoin, you can choose a job that best fits your interests and way of life, knowing that you have access to a long-term investment vehicle that will protect the value of your work.

Being my daughter, I’m confident that you’ll inherit your father’s critical thinking abilities. (Although, in all honesty, I hope you inherit your mother’s critical thinking skills; she’s our real family critic!) You instinctively know not to take my Bitcoin assertions at face value, but rather to check them out for yourself. His computer science skills didn’t stop him from seeing Bitcoin as an untested software algorithm that might be quickly dismissed as a hoax. Even though it took me another eight years, I finally took another look at Bitcoin and realised that it is a once-in-a-civilization monetary revolution.

You’re probably asking yourself, “If Daddy is so strong, why he canโ€™t just modify the supply of bitcoin?”

Dear daughter, this is my response: abide by Bitcoin’s principles; don’t just follow my advice, do your own investigation. There is so much to learn about Bitcoin! When you reach the age of 118, you’ll discover why there will be no new bitcoin created. Regardless of what happens in the future, there is nothing that can be done. My daughter, if you decide to use Bitcoin, realizes that the sky is the limit.

It’s hard to imagine a father not being proud of his child.



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